Associate Attorney

Aime has been working and involved in family law since 2012, when she began as a legal assistant in a family law litigation firm.  Seeing the role that family law can play in people’s lives, she eventually returned to school and attended Lewis & Clark Law School, graduating in 2022. 

Aime’s philosophy on family law prioritizes settlements that minimize conflict and allow families to transition to healthy co-parenting relationships.  The dissolution process is often one of the most dramatic upheavals a family goes through; unnecessary conflict in this arena creates real harm to families that may need to continue co-parenting for years to come.   With that said, Aime believes that the court system is an invaluable tool in cases involving power imbalances, uncooperative opposing parties, or trauma and abuse, where litigation may be necessary to obtain a just and proper outcome.

Aime also enjoys the complex problem solving involved in cases with businesses, complex assets, spousal support, and unique fact patterns. 

When she’s not at the office, Aime is a mom to twin boys and enjoys renovating homes and working with her hands.