Principal Attorney

Perspective can be difficult to maintain during a divorce. Matters involving divorce, custody, visitation and property division can involve strong emotions. At this highly emotional time, clients need to have the confidence, security and knowledge to make crucial decisions about the future and feel as protected as possible. With nearly 20 years of family law experience, Saville is a skilled professional and compassionate advocate who will work to explain the rights and obligations of her clients and protect their interests during this difficult time. Saville is tenacious but calm, analytical yet creative. Saville merges these skills to help guide clients through difficult times to a place of calm they can’t imagine while in the middle of a family crisis.

If a case can be settled amicably, Saville will work towards that goal. If a settlement is unsuccessful, she will bring her years of experience as a litigator to pursue those objectives at trial.

Saville enjoys painting from nature and hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. From these pastimes she gains perspective which helps her stay well-grounded as an advocate for her clients. Her most important goal is to help her clients build a positive future.